Our beer is special.  I’m sure every brewery makes that claim across America, and they probably believe that.  We are no exception.  Through the use of fresh malts, crystal clear waters from our little Appalachian Mountain, and, hops from our backyard as well as around the world we make every attempt to bring the best quality and most interesting beer to our patrons.  We work with many local farmers, bee keepers, and all around friendly folks to support our local economy and make our beer a taste of the area.  

Furthermore, through the use of our small batch size and experimental tap, we can bring a whole different flavor profile to the beer styles we make.  Sure not everyone will like an oatmeal brown ale with Prunes…but Grandma might.  And while Truck Stop Rendezvous (A Belgian Waffle Ale) may be a bit on the sweet side for an IPA, we don’t make beer everyone will universally love.  No one does.  We make beer that can’t be found other places and that comes with a  great story to tell.