One Eyed Willie's Gold Rum Punch CocktALE: 4.1% APV (Made as often as I's that good)
A simple ale blended with rum flavors that will be sure to please your inner pirate.  Then it is mixed with a secret concoction of juices to produce flavor never before tasted...unless you drink Rum Punch.

The GiCo Cannonball Oatmeal Stout: 5 % APV
A rich dark brew made with a mound of hops and organic oats.  This has a creamy mouth feel and hints of chocolate and coffee on the nose.  Get it while you can, because it doesn't stick around long.

Chopper, Sic Balls Cascadian Ale: 5.8% APV (Year Round Brew)
Our version of a steady IPA.  Not overpowering, but certainly balanced and delicious.  The cascade and Chinook hops blend well with a kiss of sweet orange peel.

Best Man in the Woods English Bitter: 4.4% (Year Round Brew)
A good bridge from a macro-lager.  This bready light beer is a great keg buy.  Made with 100% English Progress hops and Maris Otter malt.  A throw back to that backpacking trip through Europe of which you won't show your kids pictures.

Santa's Pimp Hand Peppermint Brown Ale: 5.2% APV (AWARD WINNING and once a year)
The beer that really got us thinking we make decent beer.  Not for the weak and certainly not for all, but those who enjoy the holidays, warm nights by the fire, and happiness are sure to want to tasting of this concoction.  It has more ingredients than we can list, but ask Jon...he won't shut up about it.

Honest to God Banana Cream Ale: (currently) 11% APV
Not the cream ale you know, but the cream ale you need right now.  This is what this style should be like.  Made with actual banana and milk sugar this beer is not one for a light weight. 

Side of the Road Redbud Brown Ale: 6% APV (Seasonal)
Water is steeped in redbud blossoms in order to produce the unique bouquet and flavors for this English style Brown.

 RTC Team at the Wytheville Zombie Run 2015

RTC Team at the Wytheville Zombie Run 2015

Fancy Britches Summer Shandy: (Currently) 8% APV (Seasonal)
Named after the daughter of a friend to the brewery, this little beer is a refreshing lemonade brew that can sneak up on one quickly.  Be warned!

Cooter Magnet's Cinnamon Abbey Ale: 9.5% APV
Named for our beloved and departed cat in the brewery, this is a Belgian to remember.  Distinct flavors and a spicy bite.

Mill Creek Brown Ale: 6.2 APV
A rich chocolate brown in color and well balanced with a strong kiss of cascade hops.  This one will keep you toasty on a long winter's night.

Upper Falls Amber Ale: 6.9% APV (Year Round Brew)
A maple sweetness finishes off this mildly bitter amber ale.  A signature and brewer's favorite here at Right Turn, Clyde.

The Harriet Tubman Shuffle Barleywine:  10% APV
In honor of the conductor of the underground railroad, we made this beer covertly.  Hidden from all of our moocher friends looking for a taste. 

Bumble Puss: 5.8% APV (Availability dependent on honey)
A kiss of coriander and local honey make this wheat ale a favorite of even the non-beer enthusiast. 

Early Bird Special: 5.5% APV
This oatmeal brown ale fermented with prunes is made for all our clientele just looking to get regular!