RTC Will no longer be open on Thursdays.

Our Story

In 2009 two kids decided to try their hand at making beer.  They did…they made terrible disgusting beer.  One of them was a school teacher, while the other worked in HVAC…not really a hotbed for master brewers.  But they bought some books, found some more knowledgeable friends, and tried again.  This time they made tolerable beer.  From that moment they were hooked.

After successfully making several award winning homebrews, Corey Thompson and Jon Kidd thought they would try their hand at the big batch world.  People seem to enjoy their beer, and after all the worst case scenario was only bankruptcy.  So through luck, nepotism, begging, hooking, and many other immoral acts, they were able to procure a building, a loan, and a system.  The rest was just hard work and good looks.

Now the 2.5 barrel brew system is in use as often as possible.  Both brewers maintain a “real” full time job, so that isn’t as often as they would like.  And they would certainly love to have you stop in for a visit to the tasting room or just shoot us an email to find out where you can get your hands on some of our yummy brew.